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What Happens When You Put All Your Favourite Things In One Story

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

What happens when Vianne packs this story with all her favourite things? The story has a surprising twist. Listen to find out.

Episode Two: The Unicorn Sees A Rainbow

Here is how Vianne structured the story using the five sentences:

Once upon a time...

Every night...

Until, one night...

Because of that...


The Story Breakdown:

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn living in a cave in the forest.

Every day, the unicorn got up from the cave and walked around the forest.

Until, one day, the unicorn saw a rainbow.

(Because of that,) the unicorn did something it had never done before - it flew over the rainbow. (Backstory) Until then, it had never flown before.

(Because) He saw the rainbow; he wanted to jump up and be part of it. The unicorn flew up over the rainbow (until) a cat came along under the rainbow and meowed. But the Unicorn didn't see the cat.

(Because of that) The unicorn swooped down, and its hoof crushed the cat's head. (Until) Making the cat meow even louder.

(Because of that) Making the unicorn jump up and freeing the cat.

(Because of that) The cat walked off proudly because he didn't hurt anymore.

Finally, the unicorn flew off home and lived happily, flying ever after.

Title: The Unicorn Sees A Rainbow

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