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Spaghetti Love

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Love is love, and when a Dog and Cat get married, they should live happily ever after - but life isn't that simple.

Episode Three: Spaghetti Love (Or The Dog, Cat, Spaghetti Tale)

Here is how Vianne structured the story using the five sentences:

Once upon a time...

Every day...

Until, one night...

Because of that...


The Story Breakdown:

Once upon a time, there was a cat.

Every day...

Until, one day, the cat met a dog in the forest.

(Because of that,) they decided to get married. (Exposition) They really liked each other.

(Because) They got married in a bush and went home to their Spaghetti cave (until) a person came to the forest who liked dogs and cats and wanted to get them for pets.

(Because of that) The dog and cat ran away. (Until) The person caught them and put them on the veranda.

(Until) The night came, (because of that) they ran away, (Until) the person (the boy) came out to feed them and saw that they were gone.

(Because of that) The boy told his father, and the father went hunting for them. (Until) he gave up because he couldn't find them in the spaghetti cave.

Finally, the father went home and the cat and dog lived safely in their spaghetti cave until Friday.

Title: Spaghetti Love (Or The Dog, Cat, Spaghetti Tale)

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