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A Ghost-Friendly Kid's Story

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I mean, a Kid-Friendly Ghost Story by Vianne, age 6, using the 5-sentence Once Upon A Time... story method.

Episode One: A Ghost-Friendly Kid's Story

Here is how Vianne structured the story using the five sentences:

Once upon a time...

Every night...

Until, one night...

Because of that...


The Story Breakdown:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.

Every night, she lay asleep in her bed.

Until, one night, she work up and saw a light.

Because of that, she walked close to it (until) she heard a rustling sound.

(Because of that) She hid behind the couch (until) the rusting sound came closer.

(Because of that) She ran away, into her bedroom and hid behind the covers. (Description) It was in her bedroom. The light was very bright but it had no source. It was a ghost.

(Until) The light went outside (because of that) the girl heard her cat meow.

(Because of that) The girl went out and snuck through the grass and kicked the light. (You can kick ghosts.) (Because of that) She got the cat and took her inside.

Finally, she went back to bed.

Title: The Ghost, The Cat, and The Girl

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