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Starting A Yoga Practice WITH YOUR KIDS

Updated: May 28, 2021

Yoga With Little Ones

You can start a shared yoga practice with your children, even if they are still really small.

There are three ways to include your child.

  • Let your child play while you do your practice.

  • Include your child as part of your practice by holding them while you work.

  • Teach them simple moves, like the lotus pose.

Yoga with Older Kids

You can start a shared yoga practice with your children as they grow. This is the stage my daughter started her own yoga practice.

My daughter (age 6) has just started doing more complex poses, and it requires a lot of patience because her body is still growing. But it is so much fun to watch her advance.


Your child might not do the pose perfectly. They don't have the motor-control or dexterity. It is important to make sure they aren't causing damage to themselves (e.g. don't put your foot on your knee), but don't freak out if they aren't doing it exactly right, like the image below). Or let them do their own thing (like at the bottom of the page).

Yoga with The Whole Family

Last year my husband found a yoga program that he loves, which is very different from what I am used to - even changing the poses' names. I have loved learning his version of yoga with him. And because I was open to his way of doing things, I have learned a lot.

My last Pro Tip would be that if you are open to everyone's individual yoga practice and willing to let them make it their own, then you can share your yoga practice with the whole family, building connection and helping everyone's whole health.

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