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2 Months to a deeper understanding of YOU and what you WANT!

It's time to dig deep and get to know the person you are. Stop copying what other people are doing or worrying about what you "should" be doing, and start finding out what you want! Join Jo on a journey of self-discovery with weekly deep dive writing prompts. In two months, you will have a new weekly practice that will set you on your way to being the you have always wanted to be.

You'll Recieve 
✔️ 8-week journalling program (Start when you're ready)
✔️ Activity sheets to aid in your journaling practice and goal setting
✔️ Badges when you hit milestones
✔️ Lifetime Access to Prive Group where you can share your journey with others like you
✔️ Access to the Every Story My Story Community
✔️ Bonus Journalling Activities
✔️ BONUS - Find 4-Hours Cheat Sheet

I Want EVERYONE to have a chance at a perfect day. If you can't afford the $27 for this program, you can watch almost all the videos for FREE on YouTUBE and if you want access to the content, please reach out and I'll meet you where you are and at your budget.

About Jo: Jo is a published essay writer with Articles in Time and USA Today. Please note, Jo is not a trained psychologist, and this activity is not meant to replace the help of a skilled professional. 

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