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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Writers

Are you a writer in need of some inspiration and guidance? Look no further than these top 5 YouTube channels:

Brandon Sanderson

With over 430,000 subscribers, Brandon Sanderson is a famous YouTube author of high fantasy and science fiction, best known for the Cosmere fictional universe and for finishing Robert Jordan's high fantasy series The Wheel of Time. He receives several awards, including the Hugo Award for Best Novella (2013) and the Whitney Award for Best Young Adult – Speculative (2013). Brandon Sanderson is also an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University, where he lectures on writing and posts videos on his YouTube channel. Known for delivering "nuggets of useful information" for writers, Brandon Sanderson is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their craft. His lectures on perspective and finding your unique voice as a writer are beneficial, and his videos where he talks about writing while signing books are just plain cool.

Abby Emmons

With over 273,000 subscribers, Abby Emmons is the host of the iWriterly YouTube channel, where she "teaches writers how to make their stories matter by harnessing the power and psychology of storytelling, transforming their ideas into a masterpiece, and creating a lifestyle that makes their author dreams come true." She is the author of 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT and TESSA AND WESTON: THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. Abby Emmons offers scientifically based advice on writing, focusing on character development and what motivates your characters. In one of her most popular videos, she discusses the importance of world-building in your writing – and the key is only to include details that directly impact your characters.

Overly Sarcastic Productions

Over 2.07 million subscribers, Overly Sarcastic Productions is a YouTube channel that offers "sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events." This channel is intended for high school students and up and covers subjects such as violence, assault, and murder in the books that are frequently assigned in high school English classes. This channel is all about "tropes" – and no, we're not talking about cliches. A trope is a common theme or element in a story, and Overly Sarcastic Productions breaks down how to use them effectively in your writing.


Hosted by Meg LaTorre, the iWriterly YouTube channel has 98,400 subscribers. Meg is the author of CYBORG TINKERER, a "steamy science fiction and fantasy" novel. Hosted by Meg LaTorre, iWriterly is an excellent resource for writers looking to create believable and emotionally complex characters. In her videos, Meg shares notes on characters who have realistic and believable emotional responses.

The Closer Look

Hosted by Henry, The Closer Look is about breaking down stories' subtext in his videos. He uses the metaphor of cake mixes to explain the different layers of subtext and how they all work together. I could listen to him all day.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these YouTube channels have something for every writer. Need more channels? Watch my video 10 Writing Channels You Can't Miss in 2023

Then, whenever you need some guidance and inspiration, they are there for you - and so am I.

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